City Boy Documentary (short)

28.12.06, 15:59:55 von beamends
Eine Radio-Dokumentation für den Sender afk max über die britische Band "City Boy" (deutsche Sprache, ca. 20').

Das Original besitzt eine Sendelänge von 60', für die Veröffentlichung im Web wurden die Lieder herausgekürzt.

Download MP3 (16,8 MB)

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  1. Chris Dunn sagt:
    Even though your commentary is in German....which I don't speak so I am trying to get my kids to translate as they both went to The Green Meadow Waldorf School (a Rudolf Steiner school) I kind of get the gist and the use of guys on the phone with German accents posing as Max and Steve is absolutely laughable! OK, kudos to actually using genuine excerpts from the Mike Slamer interview. The really irritating aspect was the use of the first and last 30 seconds of the songs that you fleetingly touch gives you absolutely no idea of the true, rich content of the songs. As Mike correctly states, I became the bass player as he was by far the most accomplished musician on lead guitar. I really enjoyed our brief tour of Germany supporting Mannfred Mann's Earth Band and very much appreciate the support and reception received by you guys! Let me know if you need more...and more accurate input!

  2. Elmar sagt:
    Hi Chris,

    Great to hear from you, and thanks for the feedback! (And sorry for not replying earlier... I hadn't checked this site in a while.)

    As for the German accents... since we were producing for a German audience, we hoped we'd get away with it. ;-)

    As for the music, don't worry, the original (broadcast) version included the songs in full length; I just cut them short for the podcast on the web for copyright reasons.

    Wouldn't you like to drop in at one of these days and say Hello? City Boy still has a pretty active followership (who are currently quite thrilled about the re-release of "It's Personal"), and I'm sure they'd be delighted to have a chat with you!


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