Telephone Interview afk max w Mike Slamer

28.11.06, 20:39:05 von beamends
This is a cut from a telephone interview I did with Mike Slamer (former gitarrist of City Boy, now with Seventh Key) in August 2006. (English language, 22 mins.)

The interview was made in the course of a radio documentary about City Boy for German station "afk max".

Please forgive the poor audio quality of the recording; you will have to up the volume to understand the replies from Mike (who was very patient with me!)

The documentary itself will follow shortly (around Christmas, probably); stay tuned to this Podcast!

-- Elmar

Download MP3 (25,1 MB)

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  1. Elf sagt:
    "Have fun with it, and let me know what you think."

    Have tried to improve the volume on Mikes response. It is hard to achive wihtout increasing the backgroundnoise. Anyway, download the "remastered" version at:

    Regards Elf.
  2. Russ sagt:
    It's really disappointing to hear Mike's attitude about what was such a great band. Yes, it was 25 (+) years ago, but why not be proud and recognize that lots of fans exist and that nothing any of them did afterward (IMO) was better than City Boy. I don't buy all this "I don't remember" crap. I think he is a great guitarist but was bordering on being rude. Now I see why it was hard for the band to survive. Maybe one day before they all pass on they will come back and relive the greatness for a moment.

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